Friday, March 30, 2012

Red Robin Tour

My homeschooling friends have so many fun ideas... it never would have occurred to me to ask Red Robin for a tour! But, that is exactly what they did, and we tagged along for fun!

They did such a great job; a fun tour of the facility, coloring, balloons, meeting "Red," and embellishing our own burgers. I can't believe I ate a hamburger at 9:00am with my coffee, but it sure tasted good!

As always, Sierra was a little afraid of the mascot. Ok, very afraid! She and I did a lot of coloring and visiting the carousel horses.

Burgers... yum, yum! They served kids fries and drinks, as well. Plus, each kid went home with a pin and a certificate for a free kids meal. What a deal!

We had a lovely time, and finished our morning at the park with our friends.

At home we had even more fun painting our thank-you cards. If you get a chance, book a tour!


Darcy said...

I would have to give my daughter CPR with that mascot on the lose! She is SO afraid! Otherwise, I would be booking a trip first thing Monday morning! :)

Karen Hyde said...

All your homeschooling stuff looks like so much fun! Makes me pause a think about homeschooling... but only for a second. ;)

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