Monday, March 12, 2012

"Rag Dolls"

"Mom -- Take a picture of me with my rag doll, and then blog about it!" Um... ok, sweetie! Hence, this post. But, what do I write about? I began to think. Want to know my thoughts?

I'm not really sure what to call this toy. I refer to it as "The foam and buttons." They are one of many finds that Grandma found for us at a garage sale. I have never seen them in a store before, or else I would buy them as gifts for friends; I think they're pretty cool!

Like any toy, they are super fun and played with for a long time at once, then forgotten about for weeks until they become "new" again. Really, I don't think the girls have played with these since we moved here. But, this week they decided to make "rag dolls" with them. They have lots of dolls they could play with. But, these dolls became precious and special because they made them!

It made me realize once again just how little kids need to really make them happy. Last week, they worked outside for hours every day playing "brick factory" with some old pavers the previous owners left here. After Costco trips, boxes become the best toys. There is no fort cooler than one built out of blankets and chairs. And, homemade games and crafts? The best!

I can totally relate to their joy. I am currently working on decorating the shelves around my tv cabinet. When I find something around the house that I can use there, I get so excited! I don't even want to go buy more "junk." (Unless, of course, it's on clearance at Target because I just can't seem to resist an orange sticker!) But really, I have all I need. I find joy in re-purposing old pieces that actually mean something to me. Or, I like creating my own art -- even if it's copied from Pinterest!

So, there you go! It may be reaching a bit to pull that out from "Rag dolls," but it's a good reminder, none-the-less to be happy with what we have... And, to make the most out of what we have!

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Darcy said...

Totally adorable! All of it! I might want to throw in that its 11:33 and I am off to do my Turbo Fire dvd. :) LOL!

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