Wednesday, March 28, 2012

It's Not Too Late...

So, I must know... am I the only one who feels like Easter just sneaks-up on them? Is it because it's on a different day each year? In the fall I literally count-down the days until I feel like it's "ok" to start decorating for fall. The day after Halloween, Thanksgiving goes up. The day after Thanksgiving, Christmas goes up. But somehow poor Easter gets a bit neglected.

This makes me sad for a few different reasons. Of course, we don't get to enjoy the decorations as long. But, we also don't have as much of a chance to prepare our hearts for the greatest holiday any person could ever possibly celebrate -- our Savior lives!

Somehow, we are ahead of the game in school this year. So, I decided to just do Easter devotions from now until Easter. It's sort of a 2-week Easter Break, but at least we're doing something "educational" each day. We also have at least 3 field trips planned. So, let the fun begin!

Thankfully, since this is suppose to be my break as well as the kids, I let another mom do all the prep work for me. I got all the devotionals from HERE. It is a 12 day countdown, so if you hurry you still have time to join us before Easter! Today marks day 3 for us. Here's a little taste of what we're up to:

Day 1: We learned about Jesus Immanuel, talked about the names of Jesus, the meaning of our own names, and dotted our names on a sheet of paper. (They recommended you use playdough -- so many different ideas can be used here!)

Day 2: We learned about Jesus breaking the bread and the fish. We tried to break bread and fish into as many pieces as we could!

Day 3: We learned about Jesus calming the storm. We tried to do a hurricane in a bottle, but our tape wasn't good enough. (You really need duct tape for that experiment!) So, we did the other activity which is blowing a boat on the water.

A sponge, a straw, and a piece of paper for a sail is all you need! As you can see, we still have bubbles in our fountain! Even so, the boat lasted through a good chunk of the "storm" the girls blew at it!

I pray you have a blessed and meaningful Easter season!

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Darcy said...

Such cute stuff!

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