Thursday, March 8, 2012

Up Late... Again!

I have had so many weird computer issues, lately. Alas, my picture has downloaded and I can blog! Hooray!

So, I must tell you -- I kind of have a crazy obsession with all Asian drinks; especially coffee and tea drinks. I love to try new ones and have several old favorites. I've tried sea salt coffee, Vietnamese coffee, all different brands of canned milk coffee and milk tea, thai tea, and boba drinks. I sometimes think I am more Chinese than my husband. (And, so does he!) Anyway, I recently discovered my favorite milk coffee is back at our local Asian market, and I am so excited! It is my little friend that allows me to stay up far past my point of exhaustion in the evening to work on projects and planning.

Tonight's project is a tooth fairy pillow for Natalie. I CANNOT believe she has 2 loose teeth, already! I guess it makes sense since her older sister at just 6 1/2 has lost 10 teeth. I remember being shocked at the phone call from VBS a week after Allison's 5th birthday saying she had lost her first tooth. I had to rush to make her a pillow before she got home; I think I had 2 hours. It feels a little better this time around to not have the time pressure. That being said, I need to finish a few final touches and head to bed so you'll have to wait until tomorrow for the final project! Good night!

1 comment:

Darcy said...

10 teeth WOW!!! and I love that you are up late :)

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