Sunday, March 25, 2012

What's Important

Some days I can find joy in almost every aspect of being a mom... even bathtub splashes that soak the floor and diaper changes. Other days, I need reminders of why this job is so important. The funny thing is, those reminders often come from my little subjects, themselves.
Exhibit A:

I found this note folded up on my desk, the other day. I often wonder, do they know what's important... are they getting the lessons I'm trying to teach... and most importantly, am I a living example of what I am trying to teach? I was totally moved by this note, because it shows where my daughter's heart is... she gets that it's important to spend time with our precious Savior. Does she always live it? no. Do I always live it? NO. I have to remind myself of that, often. But I've planted seeds. And, they are growing. And, they will continue to grow. And, I need to continue to water and nourish them! But I also need to be patient as the Master Gardener does His work.

Lately I've been amazed watching my oldest two help out with our younger two. Today after lunch, Allison was on the floor with Malachi, while Natalie was entertaining Sierra. Daniel looked at me and said, "We have 2 babysitters!" I smiled. How blessed we are!

And, we have moments like this... times when I'm not sure what to do so I have them write sentences telling what I would like them NOT to do! Sometimes I wish someone would make me write sentences because I need to remember to not whine, as well! Of course, my whining is a little more subtle. It takes place in my heart... Do I really have to do dishes, again? The cure: gratitude. And, that is what we're working on. This week have felt it so strongly. At this very moment I am grateful for a quiet house! :) And, that means it's time for me to do dishes.. and for that, I am grateful!

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L O V E. L O V E.

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